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NAD+ is a remarkable natural cell componNAD+ is a remarkable natural cell component that is essential to the energy, health and survival of all the cells in your body.

Our Mission at LIAS Research is to make a difference in people's lives by creating, producing, and manufacturing unique products with features not found elsewhere and that are tested and proven to  actually perform to our standards untder the quality controls maintained in our Kingsport facility, while still being economically feasible, for today's health-conscious consumer.
Our Scientists have lifetimes of products to develop and produce with the goal of bringing quantifiable results that exceed our clients' expectations.

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With successful completion of Phase 2/3 clinical trials, our collaboration with our partner company, ITL PHARMA, enables us to now offer our assistance in bringing to market TriThroid a once daily T3 thyroid drug.
Our NAD+ is Authentic Nicotinomide Adenine Dinucleitide this is a necessary co-enzyme in the production of ATP in the cellular mitochondria. Note that we are the ONLY manufacturing company that is providing Authentic NAD+ using our patented technology that allows the NAD+ to be absorbed and survive the human body's stomach acids. Be aware that there are manufacturers that claim to use NAD+ but are actually NR or NADH. NAD+ is used in lower doses for energy boosts, and mood enhancement, and at a slightly larger dose in those with more critical energy needs generally due to symptoms of Lyme disease, Parkinson's, and Alzheimer's diseases not only as an energy source, but many claim our NAD+ help the symptoms of these diseases. Additional, there are Recovery Clinics that use our larger doses of the NAD+ to assist in withdrawal from addictive drugs and alcohol.
Please check with you medical doctor before taking.
FDA has not evaluated the claims for this product and thus we must say that the supplement is not used to cure or treat any disease.